Anonymous: I'm so glad your back. All of your photos are great, and tumblr is a great place to try out new techniques. I'm excited to see the new stuff you post! :)

im glad im back too, after putting like 2 years into updating this constantly it felt weird to have just left it there doing nothing! thanks for the support!

Anonymous: do you have a personal blog?

if you come off anon then yes i do

Harrison Russell

Harrison Russell

Harrison Russell

Harrison Russell

I haven’t posted new photography on this blog since February, and realizing that annoys cause I used to be so passionate about this blog and photography but I just have so many other passions they all kind of took over. I think with this blog I was more focused on creating really memorable stuff rather than just my photography and trying to be perfect, and that bled into my photography to the point where I didn’t have the motivation to shoot anymore unless it was perfect, so from now on I’m just going to try to upload anything I shoot really and see how it turns out. Thanks for sticking with me. 

My lastest work is now for sale to buy prints and all kinds of other stuff on so if you guys could check it out and maybe buy some of my photos that would be amazing!

Taxi on Mercer Street. 

Sunset at Washington Sq Park. 

Brother’s basketball game. 

Kerry’s Apartment. 

6th Avenue, I think.

Bubbles at Washington Sq Park - 5:34pm

'Oh Deer' by Harrison Russell